08 May 2023

ICS 414 Learning Experiences

ICS 414 Final Throughout this semester in this software engineering class I have gained a lot of valuable experience in creating a web application with a group of people. The most significant of these experiences were learning about time management,...

-Software Engineering -Learning

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10 May 2022

Software Engineering Topics that I Found Useful

Working With Other People in a Computer Science Class? I have taken a few computer science classes in high school and 7 ICS classes in college before the Spring 2022 semester. Only one of these classes (ICS 211) even allowed...

-Software Engineering -Configuration Management -Ethics

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28 Apr 2022

Design Patterns

I've never even heard of a design pattern I’ve only been an ICS major for 2 years, but the words “design pattern” had never reached my ears before the start of the design patterns module. When I first heard about...

-Design Patterns -MVC

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08 Feb 2022

Who Even Cares About Coding Standards?

Do Coding Standards Matter I used to be one of those people that thought as long as my code had no errors and had a desirable output, it was good enough. Recently I have changed my mind because it looks...

-Coding Standard -Intellij IDEA -ESLint

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27 Jan 2022

How do I Know if my Question is Smart?

Asking Questions Everyone has gotten stuck on a problem and wanted to ask someone else for help before. The internet makes it extremely easy to just type a question no matter how simple or obvious it may seem. Not everyone...

-Asking Questions -Stack Overflow

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20 Jan 2022

Future Skills and Experiences in Software Engineering

Interests My interest in computers started when I was in elementary school when my parents would let me play online flash games on our family laptop. I was amazed that a computer could do so much and still be small...

-Skills -Experiences -Software Engineering

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19 Jan 2022

First Thoughts on Javascript

Programming Experience Being a computer science student, I am getting pretty used to learning new programming languages every semester. When I was first getting into programming and computer science, I thought Java and Javascript were the same thing (which I...

-Javascript -Programming Languages -Athletic Software Engineering

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